Youth Development

The youth are the building blocks of any nation. We believe the stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is and can progress. The development of any nation depends on channelling the youth in the positive and right direction. Youth should be provided with an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in the field of education, technology and sports. Not only will it encourage the youth to plan their future in the right direction but also secure their future.

Mother Helpage Youth Development initiative includes:

Development through Education:
Mother Helpage in support of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aims to provide quality education to students who have the passion to study and help them achieve their dreams. The organisation is providing basic educational facilities to poor children, orphans and schools with the aim of leading them to a successful future. Recently under its initiative “Education for All”, we have provided financial assistance to poor children and distributed school uniforms amongst twenty students, who were in dire need.

Development through Sports:
Mother Helpage Youth Development Program provides the youth with an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills in the field of sports and showcase their skills and talent. More importantly, sport helps the youth to refrain themselves from negative activities, drugs and alcohol, low-self esteem and boredom. Active participation in sports has a lot of positive effects on youth, which include – Self Confidence – General Health Improvement – Community participation – Self Discipline. Mother Helpage under its Youth Development program has started a lot of initiatives that provide the opportunity to the young talent so that they can show their talent at bigger platforms.

Development through Awareness – Fighting Knife and Drug Crime:
The involvement of young people in knife crime seems to be increasing in the United Kingdom at a rapid rate. Evidences have proved that both boys and girls are carrying weapons, and are being drawn into gangs and exploited by drug dealers. The huge increase in Drug and Knife Crime from the past few years in the United Kingdom has become a worrying situation for the common people and a big concern for the authorities. Every other day reports of stabbing, robbery and crimes are being committed and witnessed. The main focus lies on why the young generation is getting involved in such kind of acts. What are the reasons that prompt the younger generation to do such acts? Is the increase in such crime due to the increase in unemployment, gang wars or the intent to making quick money?

For every citizen the question is how can we solve this problem, protect our youth from these crimes and improvise the situation to make our communities safe for living.

Keeping in view all the present situations in mind, Mother Helpage planned and took an initiative to fight knife and drug crime. December 2018, Mother Helpage successfully launched its campaign against Knife and Drug Crime Prevention in collaboration with Jawaid Khaliq MBE at The Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy Nottingham. The aim of this initiative was to make people, more so the youth, aware of the menace that is ruining their lives and in turn our societies. The motive was to provide the masses especially the youth; with the counselling, guidance and to develop the spirit of sports among the youth so that they will refrain themselves from getting involved in such kind of acts.

Drug De-Addiction Rallies:
One of the major concerns in our present lives is drug addiction, which is engulfing our society at a very rapid rate. Unfortunately, the youth are getting involved in drugs which are ruining their lives. In order to combat this menace, Mother Helpage organized drug de-addiction rallies. The main aim of this initiative was to create awareness among the local residents, especially the youth about this menace so that they can protect themselves from it and be better citizens of society. Moreover, the Mother Helpage Founder visited different schools and colleges embedding the special focus on how to combat these criminal menaces together, and prevent our children from getting involved in such kind of illegal and harmful acts.