Women’s Empowerment

Empowering women with skills is the key to building a better future. Not only do women act as a path to success but women are a great factor for the economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability.

Mother Helpage has for many years and continues to keep working on the skills and development to empower women. The initiative was to provide access to skills for women, especially orphans and widows, helping them to live with dignity and more importantly become confident and self dependent.

Our aim is to empower Women by providing them with all the necessary perquisites to succeed in life; achieved by providing raw material, machinery and instructors so that they can gain skills, a reputable qualification in order to earn a respectable livelihood.

Mother Helpage as a humanitarian organisation to date has provided training to hundreds of girls and most of them have started their own livelihood projects by means of which they are supporting their families.

Skill Development programmes were organised with the motive to provide training to the girls who were under-privileged, but very much passionate to gain the skills and be self reliant. With time the project expanded, allowing Mother Helpage to start providing training in batches on half yearly basis. Moreover, the organisation further expanded the project by setting up centres in remote areas in order to make the women self reliant from all corners of the society.

Under these programmes we do not only provide the training to the under-skilled persons but we were able to create awareness in the communities about the importance of skill development that acts as a main pillar for growth and success in every nation.