Access to Safe Water is a crucial element for healthy living and one of the basic foundations of development for any community. Millions of people living in rural areas face suffering due to the lack of access to safe and clean water. Women and girls have to walk miles to get a single bucket of water either from a stream or a nearby river which is not healthy or suitable for consumption. The contaminated water from these streams or rivers is the main cause of water borne diseases and the consumption can have hazardous health effects on the people, especially children.

To combat this problem and give the people access to safe water for healthy living, Mother Helpage under, its initiative “WASH”, installs tube wells, bore wells and community wells in water scarcity zones all around the world. Our primary motive is to provide the people with the services and create awareness among the general population about hygiene and sanitation practices.

In support of the UN sustainable development goals, Mother Helpage aims to install 3000 water wells by the end of 2023, providing clean and safe drinking water.The motive of the project relies on providing access to safe water where this necessity is scarce and enhancing the levels of hygienic practices among the residing locals.