Sustainable Living

To address the livelihoods challenges of marginalised people in various regions and to bring positive change in their lives, Mother Helpage supports livelihood improvements through various sustainable living projects. We are always committed to bring new techniques and innovative methods with indigenous knowledge to improve the living conditions of poor people.

Mother Helpage introduces more effective and sustainable projects for making communities resilient. Under this project, we conduct and support various types of initiatives, by which people can be immersed in the world of sustainability. These mainly include skill development, education centres, farming support, entrepreneurship, sustainable trade, capacity building, piloting innovative, livelihood models and livelihood support. We take a keen interest in activities to facilitate the development and promotion of small and medium scale enterprises. We assist in basic technical and vocational skills in both the rural and urban areas, to the poor and to those who are financially weak so that they can earn their sustainable livelihood.

Since its establishment, MH has worked with thousands of individuals on the issues of employment through education, community outreach, networking and proper counselling. The purpose is to give recognition and a voice to the vulnerable and exclusion by providing them with all the necessary prerequisites to succeed in life: achieved by providing raw materials, machinery and instructors so that they can gain skills and earn a livelihood. With the support of our donors, the project will help increase their socio-economic independence and provide opportunities for vocational training, skill enhancement and employment.