Mother Helpage under its Sponsorship Project has for many years and continues to support orphans, widows, half widows and the elderly in providing them with financial assistance on a monthly basis.

  • Supporting orphaned children with their educational needs, helping them to achieve their dreams and potentials.
  • Supporting the well-being of widows, half-widows and the elderly, giving them the independence they deserve.

Mother Helpage is currently supporting hundreds of Orphans, Widows and Elderly on a quarterly basis, but still there are thousands of participants who need to be supported.

Every day we receive applications from the vulnerable members of the community for financial support. As dutiful citizens, it is our responsibility to support the vulnerable living amongst us, as far as our hands can provide for them.

Why should we Sponsor?
Orphans: Your sponsorship will help those special children to cover the cost of their basic needs as well as good quality education. This will help them to achieve their dreams and goals and succeed in their life. Helping them break generational poverty.

Widows: Your support will help them to alleviate the crisis they are going through on a daily basis. This support will also assist them to provide access to basic needs and medical support. The financial assistance can allow the women to tend to their family, helping them provide food and shelter.

Elderly: Your support will allow them to buy medical treatment and be independent from their families. Instead of relying on their children, they can enjoy the rest of their lives prideful and as much as possible independent.