Mother Helpage annually on behalf of its donors performs Qurbani sacrifices, benefitting thousands of families celebrating the auspicious occasion.

In poor communities the source of rich food is not a part of their regular diet. Therefore we distribute fresh meat packs among thousands of families who are under privileged. Each food pack contains an amount of meat that provides a family of five with meals for approximately one week.

Through this project our donors not only provide families with nourishing food but a sense of hope and happiness facilitating the celebration of this occasion along with millions of Muslims around the globe.

Mother Helpage organises its Qurbani Projects in different countries. Last year the team along with its group of dedicated volunteers carried out Qurbani in India, Gambia, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Gaza, Palestine benefiting thousands of families.

Every year our team celebrate this auspicious occasion with the poor and needy in different countries with special focus on those who have been severely hit by man-made or natural disasters.