Human Resource Development

Our Youth is our Future: Not only do we see them as future leaders but a major resource for development of a nation which in turn results in the economic strength and a great factor for social change. Despite holding such a great importance, millennial often face hurdles on a daily basis, with their energy not being channelized in the right direction. For every nation, the need to empower the youth is necessary for a better tomorrow. Awareness is a key factor for this empowerment, with guidance towards development. Youth Empowerment not only contributes to the development of any country or nation, but also for personal development of an individual.

At present our youth possess challenges of the future outcomes. The Founder of Mother Helpage, Dr Sohail Nasti, by profession a Clinical Research Scientist -Rheumatologist, Disaster Medical Specialist and a Rescue Pilot has achieved so much that he is now being accepted as a role model by millions across the globe. His approach to this world, towards the needy and the commitment to his profession made him the darling to millions of sensitive hearts in the world. Born in an educated and the business oriented family Capt. Sohail’s approach to this world in terms of his humanitarian spirits put him in a different spectrum and got him the recognition of being the hero of the youth.

Mother Helpage’s vision is to empower the Youth with the knowledge, capability and enthusiasm so that they can achieve their goals and dreams and represent themselves as heroes of any nation. Dr Nasti visited schools, colleges and other educational institution in Jammu and Kashmir & Sri-Lanka with the aim to provide them a sense of self reliance and by sharing his life experience of how to overcome problems and succeed in life.

The core aim of these youth development programs:
• Interaction with the future entrepreneurs so as to understand how to enhance the overall development of youth by means of career development, training, counselling, updating them with latest technology, helping them to explore their potential and develop skills, which would prove beneficial to the youth in the future.

• Recognize the role of youth in entrepreneurship, provide strategies for directing the young energy towards a positive direction, skill development, networking and volunteering in humanitarian causes.

• Recognise the role of an individual towards the society and responsibility to develop our community for a better and brighter future.

• Empowering the youth with skills and to work together as a unit to take collective actions and generate solution to problems.

• To interact with the youth and come up with better ideas and perspectives for the development of Community.

• Gaining skills and utilizing them in the correct manner for the overall development of the society.

• Interaction with the youth, how to build a future and direct yourself towards the goals and achieving your dreams. Special focus laid on the Prevention of Drugs on how to protect oneself and the communities from this menace and make our communities a safer place.