Community Development

No community can develop unless there is an active involvement and participation of the people. The progress of any nation depends on the strength of the communities. The success of the community is that all the people should have access to health, well being, social justice and opportunities. The foundation of the community relies on self determination, empowerment, collective action and working & learning together.

Mother Helpage’s team work to create new ideas and initiatives in order to lead the organisation to develop and turn assist the development of society. Mr. Nasti in contribution to the community development initiative visited different areas to share his experience with the community members.

The focus was laid on following:

  • Sharing ideas and perspectives of how to develop the communities.
  • Addressing the problems of the communities and take collective action.
  • Providing communities access to safe water.
  • Supporting the children with their education.
  • Involving the youth in the field of Sports, to develop their physical and mental strength.
  • Generation of livelihood units.
  • Women’s Empowerment: Providing skills to the Women.
  • Environment: Keeping the environment clean and safe for future generations.
  • Drug De-Addiction: Protecting our youth from this menace.
  • Support the needy and vulnerable.

In September 2020, MH distributed all-weather-tents among the Gujjar (Tribal) families who don’t have access to shelter or other basic facilities. As winter was approaching, bringing in the cold, the need for the intervention increased, keeping in view the emergent requirements of the families.

Through sustainable development initiatives we tend to provide our participants with all the facilities, so that they can earn their livelihood and live their life with dignity. We have started an initiative to provide a small scale business to the people who are poverty ridden and have the passion to generate their own livelihood units.

We are well known with the COVID-19 Crisis, which has affected the people all around the world especially the labour class. Our main focus is to provide income generating units to those who have been severely affected by this crisis.