Wellbeing and Mentoring

Mother Helpage fosters wellness through its international mentoring and development programmes so that every person is equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage in their lives. These youth, adult and wider community projects and initiatives are diverse and may include development through education and technology, development through sports, targeted awareness campaign (in relation to crime, the environment, hygiene, etc.), public lectures and motivational speeches, community regeneration and sustainability projects, Women’s Empowerment schemes, access to safe drinking water and toilet facilities, and much more.

Mother Helpage provides good quality education and infrastructure to children who live in poverty to help them achieve their dreams. Our sports projects develop, enhance and showcase young people’s skills and talents, while increasing self-confidence, health, community participation. We lead Knife and Drug Prevention awareness campaigns: we team up with sports academies and organise public events in schools, universities and villages to educate local communities, especially the youth about dangers associated with drugs and knives.

Mother Helpage Founder, Dr Sohail Nasti (former Clinical Research Scientist/Rheumatologist, Disaster Medical Specialist and a Rescue Pilot) delivers inspirational and motivational speech to students to tap into their potential and release it! Dr Sohail shares his vast experience and expertise with the aim to forge the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This includes career advice, skills development, technology awareness and training, advice on networking and volunteering in humanitarian sector. Our events are designed to help young people think about their future, the challenges they face and take positive actions.

We offer training to women and girls so that they can use their new skills to set up a business and earn a living. Mother Helpage is committed to making a difference in people’s lives through its wellness, training and development programmes and mentoring schemes. We are always thinking about new and exciting ways to reach out and give opportunities to the most disadvantaged populations and communities across the world. Mother Helpage prides itself on taking a holistic approach to all of its projects and promotes above all sustainability and economic independence.