Support a child, a widow or an elderly through our extensive sponsorship programme.

Mother Helpage works to create the conditions necessary for the most vulnerable populations to access a secure, independent and rewarding life. To this end, we assist orphans, widows, half widows and the elderly by giving them financial assistance on a monthly basis. We:

~ Support orphans with their educational needs, helping them to fulfil their dream and potential.

~ Support the well-being of widows (women who have lost their husbands and who have become the main breadwinner), half-widows (women who have lost their husbands but cannot get government help because they have no proof of death) and the Elderly (so they do not become a burden to their family)

~ Support Hifz students (children who seek to study and learn the Quran).

Each year, Mother Helpage is increasing its number of beneficiaries through partners and individual sponsoring, but there are still thousands more who need help.

Why should we Sponsor Orphans or Widows or the Elderly?

People living in poverty are extremely vulnerable and more likely to be exploited. Your donations protect them from falling into criminality and/or having to leave school prematurely to financially support their family.

Orphans: your sponsorship will help the poorest children. It will cover the cost of their basic needs. They will also receive good quality education and medical care so they can fulfil their ambitions and break out of the poverty cycle.

Our sponsorship programme includes school tuition fees, essential supplies to pursue their education (stationary and uniform, books and other learning materials), and even transport to get to and from school (as many might live in isolated areas). It may also comprise regular medical check-up’s to protect their health so they are fit to learn.

Widows and the Elderly: your contributions will sustain them in their daily lives, providing for the most basic needs and medical support.

Our Sponsorship programme includes social activities, winter relief (blankets, winter coats, shoes, socks, firewood and food) and women empowerment workshops where they can learn new skills in view of generating an income, starting their own business and becoming independent.

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