Winter Relief

It is a misconception that countries in the developing world enjoy warm weather all year round.

Winters are particularly harsh and deadly with temperatures dropping in some regions as low as -12 degrees (for example in certain parts of Afghanistan). Climate change is hitting developing countries the most, increasing natural disasters, drought and flooding with devastating effects on the population. The hardship brought on by winter temperatures and natural disasters is compounded by other humanitarian crises such as coronavirus, wars and endemic poverty.

It is estimated that 100 million people are displaced in the world today (UNHRC). Individuals, families, children face freezing winter without proper shelter. They might live in emergency tents or makeshift shelters made up of plastic sheets held up with sticks or metal tin homes which offer little if any protection from rain, snow blizzards and sub-zero temperatures. In addition, millions of children and individuals live in households with little or no blanket at all, without adequate heating to stay warm during winter, and with little or no access to food and fuel due to soaring prices. They also lack warm and protective clothing.

In the worst affected part of the world, winter is peak hunger season for children, families and individuals who have little or lost everything. They are exposed to dire conditions, famine and ultimately death due to freezing temperatures, the incapacity to keep warm and lack of food.

You can make a difference and safeguard the most vulnerable populations across the globe this winter through Mother Helpageā€™s initiatives by donating generously for food, warm blankets and clothing, and other winter essentials like fuel, wood fire, tent tarpaulins, mattresses, etc.