Winter Relief

Lending a helping hand to the poor and opening your arms to the needy is the best form of charity. Whenever we talk about the society we are living in, a sense of responsibility arises on our shoulders i.e. to take care of the most vulnerable and poorest people living amongst us.

We at Mother Helpage take initiatives to provide humanitarian aid to the people belonging to the demoralized sections of the society. Our initiatives are aimed to provide basic amenities to those who are lacking the basic necessities and are living in extreme poverty.

A single blanket?
Not just a blanket but a protective layer from the chilling cold and most importantly giving people the ability to survive and socialise with a sense of dignity.

Our organisation is committed to the welfare of downtrodden members of our communities, the organisation every year carries out its winter relief programmes in different countries. Our motive relies on reaching out to the vulnerable groups in the society and those who do not have access to basic amenities.

Our charity has for many decades and continues to provide such significant services to the people especially in winter by sharing the gift of warmth and eventually saving lives by providing winter packages for those with the most desperate needs.