Ventilators with an ABG Machine donated to the Bone and Joint Hospital

Mother Helpage in 2013 donated Ventilators with an ABG Machine to the Intensive Care Unit of the Bone and Joint Hospital, Srinagar. The initiative was taken up by the Founder Dr. Sohail Nasti to upgrade the hospital with the latest technology equipments and keeping in view their emergency requirements.

The said equipments are serving the patients on daily basis and any patient in need of critical care is cared for regardless of the family’s ability to pay.
The machine is providing the services to the people of the valley on daily basis and especially in case of emergencies whether it was the 2014 floods or the Covid-19 crisis.

An annual review of the machine was carried out by the Mother Helpage team along with its steering committee members and it was found that the machine is in good condition and serving patients on a daily basis.

Health Projects

Getting appropriate health check-ups and correct treatment is important for every human being. But unfortunately it remains a dream for the poor as health care services are too expensive and financially out of reach for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

One of our major concerns is the lack of awareness of how to access and utilise medical services that are available especially amongst people living in rural areas.

To overcome this problem Mother Helpage organised medical camps on sites in different areas of South Kashmir in which free medical checkups and medicines were provided to the poor and underprivileged.

Our aim is to make people aware of their personal well being so that they get the proper health care and education and the right time thus avoiding any long term health issues.