Funeral Service

Due to the vast nature of the Kashmir Valley, many families find it extremely difficult to transport their departed loves ones to the cemetery. At this time of extreme grief, bereaved family members need as much support as possible, whether this is from a rural/urban location or from a hospital in the valley.

Mother Helpage field staff established the need for such a service and a vehicle was put to use immediately in the Anantnag district. The services are available 24 hours a day, every day for the people of the valley. Through this initiative the organisation is providing its services to the people of the valley on a daily basis.

In the Kashmir Valley, the need for the emergency support arises from time to time and we at Mother Helpage believe that being a part of the society it is our moral responsibility to stand with the people at the time when they need us most.

Mother Helpage team along with its group of volunteers has always shown commitment towards the welfare of the society and will continue this mission in the future as well.