First Responders

In our day to day lives, many situations arise which call for an immediate medical response otherwise a person’s condition may worsen and lives are put at risk. The emergency services are essential in every society in saving lives and provisions of services that prevent occurrences of irreversible medical complications.

Kashmir; a place where emergencies occur from time to time and the situations call for timely assistance. Keeping in view the need for essential services in the valley, the Mother Helpage Founder Dr. Sohail Nasti initiated a professional ambulance service with a range of fully equipped vehicles complemented by the trained staff. The aim of this initiative is to set up ambulance services in every district of Jammu and Kashmir in order to provide the services to the people on daily basis.

We intend to extend our successful operations in other parts of the world with the support our our respected donors and supporters.

In 2017, Mother Helpage launched its first ambulance service in the district of Anantang where in highly equipped ambulances were flagged off by the district administration. The initiative was taken with the motive to provide the services to the general masses in case of any health complication. Moreover this provides to be a benefit in saving precious lives by providing timely medical assistance to the people in need.

In 2020, MH launched Ambulance Service under the theme Medline Project 2020 at Aloosa Bandipora (North Kashmir). The organisation dedicated the ambulance to the public for emergency services. The project was inaugurated by MH Patron, Prof. Upendra Kaul.

Starting the Project in South Kashmir; now expanded in North Kashmir. This project with time is becoming a much needed project and we are planning to expand services in every district of Jammu and Kashmir and in other needy locations.