Emergencies are described as “urgent situations in which there is clear evidence that an event, or series of events, has occurred which causes human suffering or imminently threatens lives or livelihoods, and which the government concerned has not the means to remedy; and it is a demonstrably abnormal event, or series of events, which produces dislocation in the life of a community on an exceptional scale.”

People’s lives change in an instant in the wake of war, natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies. Millions around the world are affected as internal infrastructure is often heavily damaged. The population suffers from lack of food, shelter, access to clean water, medical care and future prospects. Many live in profound poverty, or find themselves forced from their homes to live as refugees, or displaced people in their own country.

Climate change alone unleashes natural disasters faster, for longer and with longer-lasting consequences for entire populations. Floods kill thousands each year (per country), damage millions of homes, sweep away entire villages, livelihoods, crops, schools, roads, water networks, medical centers. And conditions are expected to worsen year on year. Droughts too decimate crops and livestock, spread famine and displace millions in search of water and food security. Some countries, like Africa, are repetitively hit by both floods and droughts each year.

Poverty, destitution and inequalities around the world have been exacerbated by the global pandemic, a worsening climate crisis and ongoing conflicts around the world. Covid has driven food prices to their highest in a decade. More recently, the war in Ukraine has choked the global supply of vital grains. Crises upon crises have today left 45 million people facing starvation. But you can help by donating and supporting our emergency programmes.

Mother Helpage provides immediate relief such as food parcels, clean water and blankets. In the aftermath of a disaster, we remain involved and turn our focus on sustainability in conversation with the local community to help rebuild people’s lives and the infrastructures that they need around them. This may include the provision of housing, safe drinking water, livelihood, farming stock, building schools and medical centres, etc.

Our approach is tailored to the needs of affected populations, and our aid is undertaken according to internationally recognized standards, as well as a strict principle of neutrality and independence from political, religious or ethnic considerations.  At Mother Helpage, we have near to 30 years experience working in this area. We have developed expertise and know-how in our efforts to respond to emergencies across the globe.

Mother Helpage recently responded to the 2022 Pakistan floodings by providing hundreds of food parcels (flour, pulses, beans, sugar, oil, rice and drinking water) to the most affected families. There is still much to be done to support the people of Pakistan and others like them. Please donate now.