For nearly 20 years Mother Helpage has responded to emergencies around the world. During emergencies MH has always placed itself on the ground to provide services to those who have been affected.

Every year Mother Helpage carries out its emergency programme in different countries by providing the services to the people who are under privileged. Our motive relies on providing the services to people who are severely hit by man-made or natural disasters.

Keeping in view the Covid-19 crisis that has engulfed the entire world, Mother Helpage organised food distribution and awareness programmes in different countries by providing the services to the people in terms of food aid and medical support.

MH team carried out Emergency Relief programme at Al Dho’a camp in Taiz Governorate Yemen and distributed basic and essential commodities among the poor and destitute families.

Moreover our organisation for the many years is conducting the programmes in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir at times of emergencies and when people are in dire need. We at Mother Helpage reaches out to the residents of rural areas who are deprived of basic commodities. The organisation provided relief to the people living in such areas by providing food packages among those who are in desperate need. The organisation distributed Food parcels, baby food and blankets among the beneficiaries.

The organisation also set up medical clinics at various locations, providing free checkups and medicines for the poorest of the communities.

Our sole motive relies on providing timely assistance to the people in the event of any humanitarian crisis.