COVID-19 Emergency

An unprecedented global emergency emerged in 2019 affecting millions of people across the globe. Being declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organisation), most of the countries imposed lockdown as a precautionary measure in order to prevent this virus from spreading.

This virus has gripped our world in such a way that was unimaginable. Millions of people were forced to stay indoors bringing the economy and normality to a lock-down. Unfortunately this has mainly affected the refugees, the homeless and those who are most vulnerable.

People who are under privileged and those living in unbearable conditions were severely hit by this crisis. With none or little access to food, medical support and other basic amenities, the need for support emerged.

The Mother Helpage team along with its group of dedicated volunteers carried out its emergency programmes in a number of countries. The team provided the beneficiaries with food parcels and other basic commodities in order to alleviate some of the hardships, which Corona virus has brought into our lives.
Mother Helpage team from Jammu and Kashmir (INDIA) keeping in view the COVID-19 Crisis carried out its emergency programmes in almost every district of Jammu and Kashmir. The team delivered the food parcels to the doorsteps. Moreover the organisation also worked in close connection with the administration of Jammu and Kashmir by providing them with the food parcels which were later delivered by the administration among the identified needy families.

Furthermore the organisation provided the financial assistance to the poor families residing in the valley and the students having difficulties outside due to the continuous lockdown.