Red Cross

COVID-19 Emergency

An unprecedented global emergency emerged in 2019 affecting millions of people across the globe.

Winter Relief

It is a misconception that countries in the developing world enjoy warm weather all year round ...


Mother Helpage is proud to include as part of its sustainable programme, a free ambulance service ...

Funeral Service

Due to the vast nature of the Kashmir Valley, many families find it extremely difficult to transport


Mother Helpage in 2013 donated Ventilators with an ABG Machine to the Intensive Care Unit of the Bone


Being poor is not a choice for any human being. People who have financial issues face many problems


For nearly 20 years Mother Helpage has responded to emergencies around the world.


Motherkind is one of our dearest initiatives at Mother Helpage. Our enterprise aims to protect the ...

Prevention of Drug and Knife Crime

WHO estimates that violence is the third leading cause of death (and life-long disability) among ...