Plantation Drive

Mother Helpage’s contribution to the environment was initially carried out in a plantation drive in the “School of Excellence” Sri Lanka with the motive to make this world a green.

The slogan of this project is to make the people aware about the rapid environmental changes and how we can assist to control and prevent any negative impacts. The vision of Mother Helpage in accordance to this initiative is to make this world a better and safer place for our future generations to come.

Plantation plays a highly significant role in making our lives and as a part of the society it is our responsibility to protect the environment. At Mother Helpage, we believe if a single plant is cut down it will have an adverse effect on our ecosystem.

The world we are living in, deforestation is a major concern for the people and an alarming situation for the environment as the pollution is increasing at a rapid rate which will affect the lives of millions of people around the Globe.
The world needs to act as soon as possible and the moral responsibility falls on our shoulders to protect the environment by planting more and more trees.