Education for All

MH is creating Educational Centres in rural Indonesia to fight poverty and inequalities

In 2021, Mother Helpage acquired two disused orphanages with the ambition to turn them into brand new, fully equipped educational centres for the children living in the impoverished rural West Sumatera Province of Indonesia.

West Sumatra (Sumatera Barat) is a youthful province. Its 1.9 million children represent 36 per cent of the total population. Over half of children live in rural areas. The region needs increased investments in children and good quality education to achieve sustainability and development. Nearly 200,000 children currently live below the poverty line with malnutrition and unsafe sanitisation. Disparities between urban and rural areas persist. Mother Helpageā€™s Educational Centres initiative is a small step towards fighting inequalities and giving every child a chance at a bright future. Support us on our journey by donating generously.