Earthquake Emergency

On the 6th of February 2023, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked south-eastern Turkey, early Monday around 4:17am when people where peacefully sleeping. Again in northern Syria, at around 13:24pm local time being a 7.5 magnitude. All together toppling over 5 thousand+ buildings, killing over 5,000 innocent people and injuring more than 14 thousand people. This earthquake is the biggest one the regions have had in 100 years! Hundreds of people remain trapped beneath the rubble and the death toll is sadly expected to rise within the next few days.

Freezing temperatures have left thousands exposed to the extreme cold and now many are without food, water or shelter. This disaster happened in areas with a high number of poverty fallen families/ vulnerable families who were already in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

With your emergency donation, Mother Helpage can continue to support and rush to supply aid to those in dire need. Please make an immediate donation to support our work in Turkey and Syria to save those in dire need; it’s a race against time to save lives!

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