Animal Welfare

The welfare of the humans and animals is equally proportional to each other. To maintain the food supply of humans, animals should be provided with proper nutrition and care. We are well aware that most of the diseases of humans are derived from animals as a result of the need for proper attention and care which is necessary for safeguarding human and animal health.

The animal welfare project has many benefits for people as well as animals. By improving the animal health and productivity; this in turn helps the locals to generate their livelihood and improve their economic conditions. Good animal welfare practices also play a vital role in maintaining food safety standards that ultimately lead in improving human health and enhancing their mental well being.

Mother Helpage under its project “Animal Welfare” is providing the people with all the services so that they can take proper care of their animals and generate their own livelihood projects. The main motive of this project is to educate and create awareness among the communities about the animal welfare.

The animal welfare initiatives can play a very important role in the welfare of people by means of improving food standard, economic growth, increased productivity and reducing the risk of transmitting diseases to humans.