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Fighting Drug and Knife Crime

The involvement of young people in knife crime seems to be growing in London at a rapid rate. Evidences have proved that both boys and girls are carrying weapons, and are being drawn into gangs and exploited by drug dealers. The humongous increase in Drug and Knife Crime from the past few years in London has become a worrying situation for the common people and a big concern for the authorities. Every other day reports of stabbing, robbery, crimes are being witnessed and the main focus lies on why the young generation is getting involved in such kind of acts. What are the reasons that prompt the younger generation to do such acts; Is that unemployment, Gangs, Making Quick money etc.

Fighting Drug and Knife Crime Campaign |

For every citizen the question is how we can solve this problem, protect our youth from these crimes and improvise the situation to make our communities safe for living. Keeping in view all the present situations in mind, Mother Helpage Chief Dr. Sohail Nasti came up with the initiative to fight the Knife and Drug Crime and on 11th December 2018 Mother Helpage successfully launched its campaign against knife and drug crime in collaboration with Jawaid Khaliq MBE at Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy Nottingham. The aim of this initiative is to make people aware of the menace that is ruining the lives of youth and in turn society as well. The motive is to provide the masses especially youth; with the counselling, guidance and develop the spirit of sports among youth so that they will refrain themselves from getting involved in such kind of acts. The campaign was launched in presence of Mother Helpage Founder Dr. Sohail Nasti, Mother Helpage CEO Mr. Kashif Salim, Mr. Bobby Amin, Mr. Waqas Ahmed, Mr. Fidel Scott Smit, Mr.Dave, C4 News Channel, Nottingham local community members, MH Global Staff & Volunteers, Youngsters from different communities and Nottingham Police Department. The campaign was launched with the aim to develop the youth in the field of sports and keep them away from drugs and other crimes. With the increase in the drug and knife crime among the society, we always aim to develop the spirit of sports among the youth, so that they will refrain themselves for getting involved in such kind of acts and be better citizens. Dr. Sohail Nasti, Founder MH said, “The youth are the leaders of the future and need to be guided better”. Young people are being manipulated, first they are being used for drugs then for knife crime. It is a vicious circle. Drugs and Knife Crime are related. “We want to bring people together from different religions such as Christian, Muslim and Hindu and we don’t want any hurdles in the way. We want to create heroes”. The programme was concluded quite successfully with the message “Let’s make this world a better place to live”.

Fighting Drug and Knife Crime Campaign |
Fighting Drug and Knife Crime Campaign |

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