Drug and Knife Crime, News, Sports

Fighting Drug and Knife Crime

Launched campaign against knife and drug crime in collaboration Jawaid Khaliq Boxing Academy in Nottingham....

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Education, News, Youth Development

Youth Development Through Education

MH vision is to empower the Youth with the knowledge, capability and enthusiasm so that they can achieve their goals and dreams and...

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News, Sports, Youth Development

Youth Development Through Sports

Our Youth Development Program provides youngsters with opportunities to develop and enhance their skills in the field of sports and...

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News, Relief Project

Winter Relief Project 2018

Mother Helpage distributed essential items to the community in South Kashmir that will go a long way to help during the harsh winter...

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News, water

Water Wells – Wash Project

2018 was a landmark year in that we installed over 500 different types of water wells around Jammu and Kashmir...

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Food, News, Ramadan

Ramadan 2018

Along with food distribution in Jammu & Kashmir, Ramadan 2018 saw us extend our project internationally...

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News, Sanitation, water

Community Toilet Sanitation Project

Community public conveniences are second nature to most people in the western world. This is in stark contrast to the the reality in the...

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Emergency, News, Relief Project

Emergency Relief Project 2018

Every year Mother Helpage distributes Emergency Relief among thousands of families who are facing various natural disasters...

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