Bangladesh Floods Emergency

The situation in Sylhet, one of the largest regions in Bangladesh, is dire, with over 70% of the area submerged due to monsoon floods. Thousands of residents have been forced to flee for safety, and tragically, dozens have lost their lives. Millions are now stranded, facing a shortage of food as flooded markets remain closed. Urgent aid is needed to reach these affected communities. Many homes have been damaged or swept away, leaving thousands seeking refuge in flood shelters, where they require significant support. Immediate action is essential to address this humanitarian crisis.

1. £ 10 – Anti-Venom (Vaccine).
2. £ 99 – Healthcare for Pregnant Women and Newborn Children: Immunization (TT vax), Obstetric Services including ANC, Safe Delivery Services, PNC Services for Children, IMCI Services for Children.
3. £ 61 – Emergency Shelter Items: Tent, Tarpaulin (490 GSM), Shelter Toolkits
4. £ 46 – Emergency Household Items: Kitchen Utensils, Cloths (Shari-Lungi & Baby-Set), Cooking Materials, Floor Mats.
5. £ 135 – Temporary Emergency Latrine (Mobile Toilet).
6. £ 17.40 – Dignity Kit: Bath Soap, Laundary Soap/Washing Powder, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Sanitary Napkins, Diapers, Underwear and other items.
7. £ 82 – Basic Sanitation Facilities (For Men and Women)
8. £ 2.20 – Lifesaving Safe Drinking Water – 10 Ltr and Water Purification Tablets (WPTs) – 10 Tablets.
9. £ 18.30 – Dry Food Ration: Fortified Biscuit, Instant Noodles, Instant Soup, Fruits, Dates

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