Get to Know Us.

Mother Helpage is about people!

People who believe that families living in poverty should not have to go hungry, that no one should have to be on the street when they are tired or sick or cold, that youth who have no home should not have to live in fear and danger.

Mother Helpage is a non-profit organisation and we believe children are the most amazing people on earth—and that drives us to do everything we can do to live up to the privilege of caring for them.

Passionate and generous people who say with our founder, Dr. Sohail Nasti, “I am a human being. Part of my job, part of being alive, is making sure that other people are too.”

Our mission

To reach out to  vulnerable groups by providing a set of sustainable solutions through policy and proper implementation. 

Our essence

We are known for community development, education, medical support, safer environment and women and child care

Our promise

We deliver optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view to our audience of smart, curious, passionate people.

Our vibe

At Mother Helpage, we make magic. We dream it, and then do it—together—every day reinventing what’s possible.

Charity Timeline

Mother Helpage key events


Charity Established

Mother Helpage was established in 1994, after the death of Mrs Jamilah Gul Nasti, the mother of Dr. Sohail Nasti (the founder of Mother Helpage Worldwide). 


Operation Able

Provided more than 1500 wheel chairs to help disabled people in Jammu and Kashmir India.


Tsunami Schools Project

Constructed three schools in Indonesia after the 2005 Tsunami to help restart education for children to ensure that there isn’t a lost generation.


300 houses in Sri Lanka

Constructed a rehabilitation village with 300 small houses in Sri Lanka with the support of the government of Sri Lanka


FATF Commendation

Mother Helpage was advised to be an exemplary organisation by Financial Action Task Force  because of our governance and financial control policies.

2019 And Beyond

Goals for 2020

  • Registration with IHC Dubai
  • ECOSOC registration at the UN
  • Registration in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE
  • Central charitable status in India
2019 And Beyond

We Have a Great Team

Our Board of Directors come from a variety of professional backgrounds from across the world.

We establish strategic partnerships with the world’s most experienced and committed humanitarians.

Dr Sohail Nasti - About Us |

Dr. Sohail Nasti

A keen aviator and philanthropist, Dr. Sohail is constantly reminded of the effects of aid for those less fortunate.

Dr Upendra Kaul - About Us |

Dr. Upendra Kaul

Chairman and Dean Academics and Research at the Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center. Dr. Upendra is a passionate advocate for transforming lives of vulnerable communities.


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