About Us

Mother Helpage UK is a non-profit international humanitarian charity that mobilizes resources in the form of financial donations, materials, medical aid and volunteer workers in order to implement sustainable projects and programs. We provide direct support in the form of nutrition, medicine, shelter and clothing. We support income generating initiatives and vocational training designed to empower the most vulnerable and impoverished groups.

Mother Helpage is committed to increasing its efficiency through outreach, accessibility, partnership and networking with other humanitarian organisations. We believe in sharing experiences and resources in order to achieve the best possible results and outcomes for our humanitarian initiatives.


Our Vision
Achieve social and economic justice for the most vulnerable, impoverished communities and to provide them with a sustainable future through our humanitarian development and sustainability programs.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower communities and vulnerable groups to create lasting solutions and combat poverty, hunger, and social injustice.


We adhere to humanitarian principles and code of practice. We will not place ourselves under any financial or other obligation to individuals or organisations that might seek to influence our performance or duties.

We will only make decisions on need and merit whilst respecting, empowering and fairly treating those in need. We will show compassion for all human beings.

We are transparent and responsible for our decisions and actions, ensuring equality and diversity.

We treat everyone as equals and show compassion for all human beings in need.

We are sincere in our approach to everyone, regardless of race, religion, sex or gender. We value equality and diversity.

We promote and support our values and principles by demonstrating good leadership, empathy and example, inspiration and guidance.


Empower people and communities who experience disaster, distress or difficulty.

Services and Support
Ensure that the most vulnerable communities receive the appropriate services and support at the right time to help their recovery and enable them to live in safety, peace, harmony and stability.

Organisational Excellence

~ Utilising our knowledge, experience, skills as assets to develop and sustain us as an exemplar organisation.

~ Creating a performance management culture which provides strategic direction and builds upon the strengths of its workforce.


~ Support communities facing natural disasters and/or in need of food and safe water, medicines and shelter.

~ Aiding communities with resources to develop sustainable income generating projects.

Develop partnerships

~ To collaborate, work in unity and engage with partners to strengthen our impact at country level.

~ To communicate openly with organisations across the globe and ensure that we make a positive difference.

We are Global

We have a great Team

Our Board of Directors come from a variety of backgrounds and from across the world. We establish strategic partnerships with the world’s most experienced and committed humanitarians.

Together We Can achieve these Goals