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What we do…

Disaster Risk Reduction, Rapid Response & Post Disaster Development

Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction consists of Global Water Aid, Health, Temporary Housing and Road Construction & Maintenance.

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Rapid Response

Rapid Response consists of Rescue & Relief and Disaster Response Training both of which are critical for deal with emergencies.

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Post Disaster

Post Disaster Development includes Orphan Care, Income Generation &  Women Empowerment.

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For over a decade

Saving and Rebuilding Lives

For over a decade Mother Helpage has worked hard in coordination with international agencies as well as carried out its own initiatives. For educational purposes we have built 4 temporary schools in Kashmir and 4 disaster resilient schools in Indonesia. We have supported over 5,000 orphans during this period and this includes helping students in higher education. In the area of health we supported a Turkish hospital on the Syrian border to help refugees and established 3 fully equipped emergency wards in Kashmir after the floods.

Our achievements so far...

Orphans cared for
Masjids Built
Children Educated
Water Sources

Mother Helpage in Action

Rapid Response after Kashmir Floods

The day after disaster struck the region we started a rescue mission using wooden boats & tractors and, we re-opened blocked roads using heavy-duty JCB dozers.


Our Advocacy work aims to share these insights to influence politicians and decision makers to ensure the development of policies and programmes that work for communities around the world.

Gaza Emergency after bombing

Mother Helpage provided food items, clothes, medicine and portable water to thousands of people in Gaza in 2014. This support was essential to people in need.

Educational Work

Mother Helpage has supported a number of educational institutions and madarassa in Jammu and Kashmir. Providing computers and libraries to empower students with the latest knowledge.