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Our Story

Mother Helpage was established in 1994, after the death of Mrs Jamilah Gul Nasti, the mother of Dr. Sohail Nasti (the founder of Mother Helpage Worldwide). During its early years, the foundation operated in Indian administered Kashmir where from the Nasti family originally belongs. Dr. Sohail started with small mobile medical camps with a few of his friends and used to visit the nearby villages providing first aid to the people who where devoid of medical facilities during the ongoing turmoil in Indian administered Kashmir.

Mission Statement

To reach out to all the vulnerable groups by providing a set of sustainable solutions through policy and proper implementation. We are known for interventions in community development, education, medical support, safer environment, social networking and women and child care.

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Meet The Founders

Dr Sohail Nasti
Organization Founder

By profession, Dr. Sohail Nasti is a Rheumatologist, Disaster Medical Specialist and a Rescue Pilot. His services towards humanity started at the age of 18 and his passion and commitment is reflected through tirelessly supporting the injured and ailing irrespective of religion or race.

Gul Mohammed Nasti

Mr Gul Mohammed Nasti is a well known philanthropist coming from a well known business family in Jammu and Kashmir. He has dedicated his life for the development of Jammu and Kashmir. His strong position in the community has helped the organisation to build a good reputation in the humanitarian sector.