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Orphans in Kashmir

An estimated population of orphans in Jammu and Kashmir both due to conflict and natural death of parent is around 2,15,000. Out of these 2, 15,000 orphans, 15 percent live in orphanage homes across the territory. 37 per cent of the orphans lost one or both parents due to the conflict while 55 percent were orphaned due to the natural death of parents and remaining eight percent due to other reasons.

As per the report, the proportion of children orphaned due to conflict is highest in Islamabad district with 56 percent of orphans, followed by Ganderbal (48 Percent), Baramulla (33 percent) and Rajouri (31 percent).

The number of orphans was higher in Valley than Jammu due to the conflict. “Due to the two and a half decade long conflict, there are more orphans in Kashmir valley compared to Jammu.” The level of psychological abuse and humiliation is more compared to physical abuse in orphans.

Further, the number of children involved in child labour is relatively high among orphans and measures should be taken to identify and rehabilitate orphans who are working as child labour.

What we do:

At Mother Helpage we not only support orphans directly but we also have a number of community initiatives to help them grow in an as normal an environment as possible. Mother Helpage has sponsored more than 200 hundred orphans to provide them quality education and not only this Mother Helpage adapts holistic approach by making sure they become part of community and not excluded from anywhere in the community,through public awareness campaigns. At present Mother Helpage are sponsoring 108 orphans in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

We at Mother Helpage often organize events for extra-curricular activities like painting competitions , day-out programmes  etc. these events Help them to achieve ambitious goals in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Mother Helpage

Orphans in Kashmir

Mother Helpage

Faiz Ahmad

Five-year-old Faiz Ahmad Zargar  says he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He lost his father in his early age. His mother faced lot of problems and was so much worried, concern about the future of her only son. She Quoted,   I was in depression after my husband’s death and insecurity because of Faiz’s future… adds more to my problems as I was jobless. It was only Mother Helpage who came forward to help me and my son. My son is getting best education and I could see his future bright now. I am very thankful to Mother Helpage who sponsor my son and made his future better.”

Our goal for this year:

We have over 500 orphan children in our current Sponsorship Project, but in the whole of Kashmir, there are thousands of orphans who are in need of food, education and other basic things. These orphans have the zeal to study but they are unable to get the quality education because of financial deficit.

There are many children like Faiz Ahmad who need support. In my opinion, need to get united to help the most needy and deserving children in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Our one dollar could bring a million dollar smile and happiness to those who don’t remember when they have smiled last time.

Please come forward to help these deserving children. Donate your  sadka and zakat to help the deserving.

Let’s come together and start building a better tomorrow.

Author  Rayees Ahmed

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