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In the unbearable Kashmiri summer, tucked away in a small dingy room is a couple from Zablipora Bijbehara. He is survives in this situation with three daughters and has an ailing mother, whom he has to support also. A 45 year old Mohammad Amin along with his wife opened a shop in Zablipora so that he can feed his family. However, luck wasn’t in his favour and Mohammad Amin met with an accident & lack of required funds, has led to their poor state where they cannot even afford food to feed family, and living under such conditions is a daily struggle.

Speaking with Mother Helpage, Mohammad Amin Wagay shared his story, “I am from Zablipora Bijbehara. Is this really the kind of life Kashmiri’s have? I don’t know. Even though our family is poor, we deserve the treasure of education. My mother once told me before that we can no longer achieve success because of our current state. I tried to give up in the end. But, I will end up achieving no more in life than they did. He further apprised on how there is no support from the government for his BPL family. You’re out there every day with just enough money to buy a dinner, you’re just trying to get by, there are days some times when I can’t eat, when I don’t eat.

He said: “It’s not fun and for these people who sit there and say go out and get a job, I’m out there every day, looking and searching, and you’re trying to do it on your own but you can’t, it just gets harder and harder.

“Till now there have been some funds from some friends. But it is increasingly getting difficult be it my eating habits or paying the shop rent. Sometimes there is nothing to eat. The government has done nothing to help till now,” apprised Mohammad Amin. When asked about what he was doing for Eid, Mohammad Amin said: “I’m doing nothing. I can’t do anything for Eid, I will just shut the door and listen to the radio that will be my Eid, I don’t have anyone so that’s the way it is.” Despite all of the problems in his life, Mohammad Amin is insistent that he will not accept charity but rather would prefer if we can help him with micro finance. Mohammad Amin has lost a fortune after he met with the accident and he is still on medication in trying to get this treated. His Wife broke down as she appealed for help. “Please help me even if it is a little ‘’


Mohammad Amin’s sole support is his wife who also works with him at his shop. But even she says that in light of the medical sessions he has to undergo, the funds have depleted drastically in couple of years. A single medical session even in a government facility at SKIMS is for over Rs. 1000. His Wife was suffering from acute jaundice and had to spent all resources he had. The only treatment he is receiving is through the medical sessions .Getting medical session done in private hospitals is very expensive so they have been doing it from past so many years at SKIMS. But before that they were forced to do it at private facilities for the last couple of years. They want people to come forward to support them,” said a distraught.

Even though they have three daughters left in the care of Mohammad Amin’s mother at home, she is determined to stand by her husband.

Capt. Dr Sohail Nasti, a well known philanthropist who has been trying his best to help the couple since August apprised, “After looking into Mr. Mohammad Amin’s case, he genuinely feel that the Mother Helpage should come out to help such

poor families. Mohammad Amin’s case is one in many of such desperate cases where the poor even after exhausting their resources still wish to try, just to continue living, be it for themselves or for their family and children. Capt Dr. Sohail has come with the idea of introducing Micro-Finance (Islamic Banking) for these needy so that they can live a normal life. He has come with the idea of ‘’ The Spoon Of Prosperity ‘’.

  1. Micro finance must be useful to poor households: helping them raise income, build up assets and/or cushion themselves against external shocks.
  2. Micro finance also means integrating the financial needs of poor people into a country’s mainstream financial system.

The one who consumes interest, on the Day of Judgment will face God and the messenger against him.

Our Philosophy is our Mission

We believe society needs a fair and equitable financial system: one which rewards effort and contributes to the development of the community’

This does not mean that our original Vision, of becoming the leading worldwide Micro-Finance banking group ( Under Islamic Law ) offering the full range of banking products in accordance with the Shari’a, no longer applies. It means that in prioritising our values and raising them above the mere attainment of corporate size and product range and delivery, we believe that we will expand naturally and as a matter of course, as we build the kind of relationships with our Customers ( Needy and poor ) which are based on true partnership with them.

Auther: Shublee Dada

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