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Livelihood generation Project – Jammu and Kashmir

Livelihood Generation Project – Mother Helpage

Shumael Kamran/19-11-2015

Charity is a big field of work and there are numerous projects & programs according to the needs of the community, state or the country. From sponsoring Orphans, Widows and Elderly to providing education to the children, from giving safe to drink water to hundreds of thousands of people to providing healthcare facilities to those in need, from micro financing a needy individual & empowering women to providing community support programs. Everyday the effort we put in and the people we serve through our already existing programs, new issues and needs are put forward and so our strategies to counter them, a new support system program then as such – LIVELIHOOD GENERATION.

We were recently approached by a person namely Mr. Mohammad Yusuf at our J&K office in Sarnal, Anantnag from Qazigund, Kashmir 35 kms from our work-place. He was handicapped and had lost his limb in a fearsome accident at a factory where he used to work. Mohammad Yusuf, along with the certificate of disability, started to put forward his problems and they were endless. This accident hadn’t made him handicapped physically only but financially and socially as well. But he had one thing in him that separated him from the rest – the dignity to do something of his own and not to beg from anyone. All he wanted from us was to lend him support so that he could start on his new journey to rebuild and recollect the shattered pieces of his life. He said,” I may be handicapped but even if I am given a cart with something to sell on it, it would be something that can change my life”.

So our inspection team went to his house in Qazigund, I myself was a part of that team in this project. One word comes to my mind when I recall the first sight of their house – *STARSTRUCK*. He was living with his two children & a wife and their condition was miserable. We personally met the family and talked to his children and Mashallah they were shining stars. Very fluent at their languages and on top of their subjects, his son wanted to be a teacher and his daughter a doctor. I could envision a glorious future of these kids but also the fear that lack of opportunity may shoot down their dream and they too would carry the same life and legacy that they had seen around in their surrounding dull environment for years. And that fear struck me and it struck me quite hard. Besides their living wasn’t one which anyone of us would want to adapt or could dream of bearing. We sat ourselves as talking of my personal self, I didn’t have the strength enough to stand and that’s the best I could’ve done. I rolled around my eyes and it didn’t take much time to have a look around as there was nothing much to take sight of. That moment I had realised Mr. Mohammad Yusuf was about to cry and I couldn’t have also done much to calm him down. He started to say everything that had happened to him in detail and that condition now he was living in. Tears in his eyes made strong impressions on our hearts and his son came to console him. This can really be the most painful situation someone can ever imagine to be in.

Our team was much inspired and moved by this sight and we at once decided to make an instant move for Mr. Yusuf. I remember all the way back to office, I had the his hope-seeking face looping in my mind, his children studying in so miserable conditions and his wife trying to compensating for almost everything.

On discussing the condition with the staff at the office, we looked up on the strategic ways to make most out of the support we could’ve provided him. We had much of plans in our armoury but his disability made us think twice on the same proposals we had been implementing for able people. After making thorough thoughts and taking advice from our project officers we came up with a conclusion. He himself said and I quote,”If I am given a cart with something to sell on it, it would be something that can change my life”. So we decided to implement this plan but first we talked to Mr. Yusuf and he in the literal sense of the phrase, was over the moon. He couldn’t wait to kick off a new chapter in his life. Procurement department was then involved and we personally invited Mr. Yusuf here to the office.He accompanied our procurement officer and they surveyed the market for the materials he was to sell on the cart. Satisfied, we completed the procurement on our side. And as always, we worked as a team, involved every member and so the equal share of satisfaction to each. I personally liked the cart very much. It was absolutely something different form what the commoners had. And as it is quite well known, we made it our way and that was like the icing on the cake.

All formalities and procedures completed, it was the time to start off. The goods were delivered to Mr. Yusuf, and the smile on the face of his children and his face was a sight worth seeing. He is now running something of his own and that’s what our vision is – “Empowering people to make them self sufficient”.

These small projects may not appear of larger significance but they can change the lives of the associated people on a much larger and vivid spread.

Author : Livelihood generation Project – Jammu and Kashmir

Shumael Kamran

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