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Current Appeals

Kashmir Appeal 2019

Kashmir Appeal 2019. Please Donate Now.
How you can help:
  • Family Food Parcel: £100 for a family of 5 for one month means £0.66 per person per day.
  • Emergency medical Supplies: £50 per family including insulin , blood pressure and other important medication.
  • Baby food: £50 per month
  • Run emergency ambulances: £250 per ambulance for one month

Ramadhan Appeal 2019

Ramadan Appeal 2019. Please Donate Now.

Ramadhan Appeal 2018

Ramadan Appeal 2018. Please Donate Now.
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Help us to Fight Drugs in Jammu and Kashmir

Mother HelpAge, a Global Charity Organization is all set to fight the burning issue of drug menace in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in co-ordination with the J & K Police. In March 2017,...
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Mission 2020: Global Water Aid

Global Water Aid Programme: Mission 2020 has been launched to supply safe water in Kashmir & Jammu by supplying water filters in community centers, delivering 16,000 litres of safe water via tankers, and installing wells...
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Med-Line Ambulance Appeal

The Mother Helpage Med-Line project has been set up to deliver essential medical care services in Jammu and Kashmir by providing much needed critical care ambulances throughout the state. One ambulance will be stationed per...
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Global Orphan Care Project

The goal of the Orphan Care Project is to transform the lives of children through adoption and support. We do this by meeting the monthly cost of their education, care, food, health, counselling and extra-curricular...
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Women Empowerment Project

This project empowers women in Kashmir to earn a living with respect and dignity, strengthening a long term sustainable development programme. We help to develop the community by providing entrepreneurship training and business development courses....
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