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Chief of Mother Helpage Dr. Sohail Nasti Meeting with Mr Elhadj As Sy (Secretary General IFRC) in UAE

A very successful meeting between the Chief Mother Helpage – Dr.Sohail Nasti and the Secretary General of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – Mr Elhadj As Sy, which was held in Dubai.
It was agreed to share expertise and other resources to help the youth in different countries to achieve their goals through education, sports and skills.

Mother Helpage is going to draft an operational policy about how to help the youth so that they help to develop their own communities and stay out of the menace of drug addiction. Dr.Sohail Nasti’s mission is to  help communities to bring about social change and improve the quality of life in their area. His mission is to  motivate people to make this world a better place by offering something to hope for or something to value, offer them knowledge of values, and a means of educating themselves. Mother Helpage is already working on different projects in the state of J&K such as livelihood, Safe water, Women Empowerment, Orphan & Widow Sponsorship, Education, Emergency & Disaster, Health, Narcotics control & Youth development projects. His aim is to make J&K a drug free state & bring the revolution in terms of development.
IFRC and Mother Helpage agreed to work together for the upliftment of the fragile communities.

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