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Women Empowerment Project

This project empowers women in Kashmir to earn a living with respect and dignity, strengthening a long term sustainable development programme. We help to develop the community by providing entrepreneurship training and business development courses. We deliver training in sewing, stitching, computer literacy and skills in personal development.

By empowering these affected women, we are able to achieve the United Nations goals for sustainability and development, and to date, we have facilitated 500 women in 2015, who have four or more dependants in their family. We have established more than 10 centres in Kashmir, and each centre accommodates up-to 50 students, trains them for six months, and upon graduation, are supported in starting up a sustainable independent venture.

We provide them with all necessary prerequisites to succeed, such as raw materials, machines, instructors & course material so that they may thrive in the traditional industries Kashmir is famous for, e.g. handicrafts, embroidery, papier-mâché and so on. Furthermore, we offer professional as well as personal counselling to these budding entrepreneurs, .

Our vocational centres typically cater for 50 women and are then converted into factories turning them into self-sustainable small businesses providing regular income to families. Mother Helpage is inspired by the women of Kashmir, by observing their determination and enthusiasm.

Women leave our vocational training centres and set up their own small businesses in order to grow a sustainable income. They also help others to develop skills in their communities, which in turn impacts on local economic development.

We are the only international charity working directly with these courageous women with permission from the government to carry out our projects, and for 2016 we hope to support more than 1000 women.


Running a centre for one year costs £12,800 and some of the costs associated with this resource are as follows:

Requirements for running a centre Monthly Cost
Rent £200
Utilities (gas, water and electricity) £100
Salary of teacher & assistants £300
Training Materials £200
Maintenance £100
Stipend & Medical Care £100

Why is Women Empowerment important?

Stops Exploitation of Women

This initiative was started to educate orphaned and destitute girls in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It provides them with a means to start earning a living with respect and dignity. The goal is to reduce the risk of being exploited and to earn their living by anti social methods.

Respected members of their community

It helps them grow into talented and proud women with multiple skills contributing towards making a local community flourish.

Alleviates stress

This programme alleviates mental stress occurring due to fear of unemployment and exploitation.