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Winter Relief 2017

Kashmir is known for its beauty, culture and famous for its mountainous scenery.

Apart from the beauty, culture and warm hosting of guests, Jammu & Kashmir is known for other certain elements such as:

– The unrest and unstable conditions
– The HARSH Winter Conditions
– The Potential Avalanches

The beautiful snow from outside has its harsh and negative effect on the inside as it brings along the severe cold and unbearable conditions to live and work in.

Considering the poor economy of the state and the economical situation, the residents of this famously beautiful valley suffer in the harsh conditions of the winter weather.

This winter, Mother HelpAge (UK) intends to reach out and assist up to approximately 3000 families which consist of nearly 15,000 individual beneficiaries.

Mother HelpAge is initiating the winter relief project to help the poor and needy people of Anantnag/Islamabad and the surrounding areas within Jammu & Kashmir.

Special attention will be given to the widows as this group of society is believed to fall in the hands of unfortunate exploitation. The primary aim of the project will be to target the weaker and poor section of the society who are facing financial deficit. Such people have been victims of poverty and starvation.

This assistance by Mother HelpAge will facilitate the poor and needy families with the necessary materials/commodities to cater for their needs in the harsh winter. Through needs and assessment by the Mother HelpAge team, 1000 most deserving families living below poverty line have been identified from different locations in Anantnag/Islamabad, Jammu & Kashmir.

The following necessities will be made available and intended to provide to the intended deserving families, for basic survival this winter:

  • Rice (10kg per family)
  • Mixed Spices (2kg per family)
  • Dry Milk (1kg per family)
  • Cooking Oil (2 Liters’)
  • Flour (10kg per family)
  • Salt (1kg)
  • Sugar (2kgs)
  • Socks (4 pairs)
  • Warm Clothes
  • Blankets (2)
  • Fire Wood (10kgs)

Winter in Kashmir is a five months season.  But the real winter is experienced in the forty days of Chilai Kalan, starting from December 21 to January 31 and if it snows in these forty days, the experiences get worse.

As Kashmir, does not produce ample quality of goods for itself, it gets all essentials from Jammu, Punjab and other states of India, so the closure of the highway ceases the supply of essential as well. The blockage makes people to suffer, especially to the people living in far flung areas.

Despite one of the best tourism spots in Kashmir, The vital Anantnag-Sinthan – Kishtwar 210 kilometre road link, which is seen as an alternate route to Jammu – Srinagar national highway is in shambles given the prevailing condition of the road. The current status of the road is that the Kashmir stretch – a roughly 130 km from Srinagar – Sinthan top is done well and one can go actually race at 80 km per hour.

But the real problem starts once one descends from the Sinthan top to the Chatroo. Sinthan – Chatroo link is a 54 km nightmare. The 5 hours can be back – breaking even if you get into best of the vehicles.

A needs assessment, was carried out by the Mother Helpage Team where the team had to many problems as the road from Sinthan Top to Kishtwar is completely in a state of disrepair, except for a few portions which stand macadamized.

Water is seen flowing over the road while rocks, which have fallen on the road as a consequence of earth blasting work and landslides, are making it considerably difficult for people to proceed.

The Team with hard work and dedication analysed the Chatroo area, and 250 plus beneficiaries were identified who are very poor and were in immediate need of the relief. They don’t have enough resources to get this stuff by their own so that they can make their ends meet. Despite the dilapidated condition of the road, Mother HelpAge Team without wasting any time left for Chatroo and provided the Food Commodities to the identified beneficiaries, so that they don’t have to suffer in need of time.

We request and urge all our respected donors to support this cause so the needy residents of this well known valley can benefit from the simple and basic necessities this winter.

Your warm support can provide relief, joy and most of all warmth in the life a needy person or family. Please support and help these people in need by making a donation.