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Qurbani Appeal 2018

Mother Helpage | Qurbani Appeal 2018

Eid-ul-Adha: The day when muslims all around the world celebrate the moment with their loved ones. Very soon the special day will ‘In Sha Allah’ be with us, providing us the opportunity to share our Qurbani with the thousands of people who are very poor and have nothing on this very special occasion.

By your generous contributions we will perform Qurbani, on your behalf, for poor families by providing them a portion of fresh meat. The meat will be distributed among the people who are very poor especially to the orphans and widows.  Qurbani will be performed on the Ist day of Eid-ul-Adha and it will be distributed on the same day among the poor so that they can celebrate the very special moment with their near and dear ones like other families in the society.

It’s very heart breaking to say that, there are millions of children all across the world who are suffering and struggling in extreme poverty and unfortunately, they find no one to help them. The life of those children is a struggle, a struggle to survive, a struggle to fill their hungry stomachs and unfortunately, sometimes a day without food and water. For these brave children, the day starts with a struggle, ends with a struggle and the whole process continues every new day. Your kind donations could help these children by providing them a long-lasting gift of education, healthcare and life skills.

With the blessing of Allah Swt, Last year Mother Helpage implemented the Qurbani Project in different areas of Jammu and Kashmir by providing the fresh meat to around 1,20,000 beneficiaries. The meat was distributed among the people who are very poor and belong to lower class section of the society who don’t have any source of income to fulfil their basic needs.

This year Mother Helpage is going to expand its project by sharing this Eid Gift with the poor people to  around one million beneficiaries. To make this project a success and to reach out to the poor people in every nook and corner, we need your support. It will be only possible, if you support us in that noble cause.

Please share your Qurbani with the poor and give a life-changing Eid Gift that could go a long way to help, as this will have a direct impact not just on one life, but on entire villages and communities.

Your donations can make a large difference this Eid  |   Please donate Generously.