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Global Orphan Care Project

The goal of the Orphan Care Project is to transform the lives of children through adoption and support. We do this by meeting the monthly cost of their education, care, food, health, counselling and extra-curricular activities in Jammu & Kashmir

Every 30 seconds 2 children become orphans. There are more than 100 millions orphans worldwide and there are an estimated 65 million orphans in Asia alone.

The Orphan Care Project is designed to transform the lives of those unfortunate children. The programme will help them to overcome their fears and the stigma of being an orphan. It will also allow them to lead normal lives and grow into important members of the community.

No. of Orphans Cost per Month Pays for:
1 orphan £30 Monthly support
 2 orphans £60 Monthly support
 3 orphans £90 Monthly support


Monthly support pays for travel to and from school, uniform, medical care, family support, support for extra curricular activities and food expenses at home and at school.

Why is orphan support important?

Change the Life of a Child

By sponsoring an orphan you can have a tremendous impact on the life of a child. You will help to keep them from being exploited or from leading a life of crime.

Helping them Grow...

At Mother Helpage we not only support orphans directly but we also have a number of community initiatives to help them grow in an as normal an environment as possible.

Supporting 3,000 orphans

Mother Helpage is currently supporting 3000 orphans and poor children in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan, Ghana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Syria and Palestine.