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Med-Line Ambulance Appeal

The Mother Helpage Med-Line project has been set up to deliver essential medical care services in Jammu and Kashmir by providing much needed critical care ambulances throughout the state. One ambulance will be stationed per one hundred kilometre radius, so that the population in need of urgent medical care is tended to quickly and lives will be saved.

A report published in 2013 on accidents, deaths and suicides stated that 63.5% of deaths in the state of Jammu & Kashmir are due to road traffic accidents, making this state the most affected in any state of India. The aim of the Med-Line Project is to reduce death rates due to unnatural causes.

The current system of transportation is highly risky for trauma patients. Observers have described the ambulances as acting like a courier service, often not meeting the patient’s needs, due to lack of equipment and expertise.

Mother Helpage is aiming to donate 20 critical care ambulances and the first phase target is to deliver 10 vehicles in the most vulnerable areas of Jammu & Kashmir.

See the ambulances in action via our video:

Vehicle Equipment Cost
1 ambulance Fully equipped £25,000

Why is the Med-Line project important?

No Emergency Facilities

There are no emergency medical response facilities available in the state health department of Jammu and Kashmir.

Highest Number of Road Deaths

The state of Jammu and Kashmir tops the list for the highest number of deaths in road accidents.

Saving Lives

The critical care ambulances will make a vast difference and go a long way in saving lives.

In 2017 we donated 2 ambulances to the district of Anantnag. Please see below for pictures and a newspaper report.