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Kashmir Appeal 2019

Mother Helpage | Kashmir Appeal 2019

Kashmir has been put under lock down from the past 3 weeks and the residents of the valley are facing problems on daily basis. From street vendors to large scale businesses, everything has been affected.

This situation not only has affected the business in the valley but has added a lot of trouble in the lives of ordinary people especially to those belonging to vulnerable sections of the society.

Keeping in view all the circumstances, Mother Helpage has carried out its first phase of emergency relief programme by providing food packs comprising of basic and essential commodities to needy families.

Mother Helpage | Kashmir Appeal 2019

Our mission is to reach out to the vulnerable section of the society by providing them services especially in their hour of need. We need your support to help reach more people.

Now your help is required more than ever. We are on the ground and with your donations we have planned to deploy the following humanitarian aid:

  • Family Food Parcels: £100 for a family of 5 for one month means £0.66 per person per day.
  • Emergency medical Supplies: £50 per family including insulin, blood pressure and other important medication.
  • Baby food: £50 per month.
  • Run our emergency ambulances. £250 per ambulance for one month.

Your contributions can bring a lot of change in the lives of people, please donate generously.