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Mother HelpAge, a Global Charity Organization is all set to fight the burning issue of drug menace in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in co-ordination with the J & K Police. In March 2017, Mother HelpAge has officially launched a Drug De-Addiction Narcotics Control Unit in association with the following:

– J&K Police in South Kashmir
– Local Administration
– The Youth
– Civil Society
– Journalists
– Auqaf Committees
– Religious Scholars.

This is a sincere battle against drug abuse in Jammu & Kashmir which Mother HelpAge has launched, especially at a time when it is destroying our youth and their families on a large scale.

Our aim is to help the youth to overcome this menace of a problem.

We will help in drug de-addiction and moreover, we are well aware that on account of poverty the youth of our society have been engaging in drug peddling. They sell drugs to earn their bread and butter. Mother HelpAge will support them by investing in agriculture, horticulture & livelihood so that they can earn with a respected method, without harming the youth and society.

Moreover, we are going to hit hard within those areas where cultivation of these harmful drugs is taking place and destroying our youth. The impacted youth will be completely rehabilitated and will be given a new dawn of hope to rejuvenate their lives once again.

Pertinently, Mother HelpAge is launching the Narcotics Control Unit in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and Dr. Sohail Nasti being the founder of Mother HelpAge is working with the narcotics wing in different parts of the world.

He has expertise in this field and has been fighting against the drug addiction issues globally for a long time: he has now taken a vow to root out this peril of drug addiction from his native land Kashmir.

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