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Mission 2020: Global Water Aid

Global Water Aid Programme: Mission 2020 has been launched to supply safe water in Kashmir & Jammu by supplying water filters in community centers, delivering 16,000 litres of safe water via tankers, and installing wells which can cater a full village of 100 families.

Mother Helpage started a Global Water Aid Programme in 2005, when access and quality of safe drinking water was inadequate in Africa and India. Following the 2014 floods in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and a subsequent assessment of needs study, it was revealed that the floods had ruined food stored for the winter, drowned families livestock, ruined crops and landslides meant entire communities could no longer live in their homes and had become isolated. This made them unable to access food or safe water making them vulnerable to disease, poverty and starvation.

Mother Helpage recently launched Mission 2020 in response to the above crisis. We are the only organisation who have support from the government of Jammu and Kashmir enabling us to push through the regulations process and achieving our goals quickly. Being the only international charity working in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, communities in the region rely on us to provide safe water and sanitation.

Your donations are vital in helping us to save lives as well as keeping people healthy and you can actually purchase the following items:

Water Item How it Helps Cost
Tube well For 5 families £150
Tube well For 10 families £300
Water Tanker One off delivery of 16k litres of water £300
Community Well For 25 families £500
Deep Community Well For 50 families £1,800
Bore/Agricultural Well For a village of 100 families £2,500-£4,000
Pipe Well in Africa For 100 families £3,500

Why is safe water important?

Unsafe water causes illness

Unsafe water causes poor health and illness. The loss of income and the inability to pay for the cost of treatment can push a family further into poverty and debt, thereby perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Every 90 seconds a child dies...

A child under the age of 5 dies about every 90 seconds as a result of diarrhoea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene practices.

9 million people will die this year

Sadly, 9 million people will die this year from lack of access to clean water.